Missy Badynee


Missy Badynee, a home cook, mother of two teens (50% of them love her cooking), and native Michigander has thoroughly enjoyed living in Oak Park for nearly a decade. She appreciates all things vintage: clothing, furniture, architecture, and especially eccentric recipes from a bygone era. An epicurean every-man she's inspired to experiment in the kitchen by her mother, an inventive “let’s see what we have in the cupboard today” yummy meal-maker. For her family and an ever rotating cast of guests (which often includes a number of her children’s teenage friends), Missy carries on her mother’s tradition by conjuring up daily off-the-cuff (thus difficult to duplicate) eats. If she had her culinary druthers every meal would be a friend-filled feast of finger-food & cocktails happening around the bar in the basement speakeasy she & her husband built. Beyond enjoying food under her own roof, Missy adores discovering new dining spots and revisiting her old faves. A fancy cheeseburger tops her favorite foods.

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