The Village of Elmwood Park

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Melissa Elsmo

From classic to creative the Elmwood Park Burger joint offers a patty for every preference Read more

Elmwood Park


via Seph's Sweets

Seph's Sweets in Elmwood Park delivers desserts and more Read more

Elmwood Park


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The 2019 festival will be held at Central Park on 75th Avenue and Fullerton from August 8th-11th. Read more

Elmwood Park


via Donny G's

The man behind Donny G's Ristorante and Bar puts a vocal spin on local fare Read more

Elmwood Park

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Melissa Elsmo

Elmwood Park mainstay has been serving up fresh pizza for 56 years Read more

Elmwood Park


Melissa Elsmo

Elmwood Park's second annual restaurant week boasts deals to suit every taste Read more

Elmwood Park

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David Hammond

In the unlikely event you've never eaten General Tso's Chicken, it's a platter of the breaded and deep-fried fowl, served in a pool of sweet brown gravy, usually with broccoli. Read more